iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Prove the Naysayers Wrong


Apple's iPhone 5 has officially beat expectations, racking up 2 million pre-orders in 24 hours and appearing sure to surpass all previous sales records. If that's not evidence enough to prove the initial naysayers wrong, early reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, with The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal among the publications giving the phone glowing reviews.

Looking forward, one of Apple's greatest challenges will be balancing its $600 billion Goliath status while staying true to its roots of great product design. Another question is how it will manage to defend and uphold its sky-high share of the smartphone market. Inspired by Apple's pragmatism within the tablet space, senior technology analyst Eric Bleeker has some ideas for how Apple can handle these "problems" in coming years -- be sure to check out the following video for his take on the matter.

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