Gundlach Talks Down Apple, Risk, and Treasuries

Bond Guru Jeffrey Gundlach has been closely watched due to his historic returns for bond investors. CNBC hosted him today to ge his opinions on bonds, quantitative easing, risk assets, and others. His comments did not exactly force any urge to go chase asset buying at the moment.

The Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) fan boys will probably not appreciate what Gundlach said of Apple. He called it over-believed in and over-bought because there is such a micro-focus each day on whether Apple is up or down. What is interesting is that Gundluch also said he doesn't like risk-based assets at current prices and he does not see value in Treasuries.

At issue is the problem with Ben Bernanke's quantitative easing and the great expansion of the Federal Reserve's balance sheet. He sees no end in sight for quantitative easing measures, but he also said that the newest round was perhaps not large enough to make enough of a dent now.

One thing that Gundlach has done is said that his DoubleLine has removed some of the interest rate risk out of their bond holdings. He thinks that the 10-year Treasury note could see its yield rise by 1% or so after its yield bottomed out this summer.


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