FarmVille Stamp Collection: Everything you need to know

While it's easy to get lost in the Halloween celebration in FarmVille, brought about by the launch of Haunted Hollow, let's not forget that a new countdown has launched on our farms, giving us a chance to win 13 new items just for asking our friends for help once (or twice) per day. FVNation has discovered the full list of contents from this new stamp-themed collection, so here's a rundown of the items you can expect to win!

Day 1: Saiga Antelope
Day 2: Royal Flycatcher
Day 3: Mara
Day 4: Sigillaria Tree
Day 5: Mammoth Sheep
Day 6: Himalayan Yew Tree
Day 7: Gold Komodo Dragon
Day 8: Piranha Fish Tank
Day 9: Travelers Palm Tree
Day 10: Blue Capybara
Day 11: Giant Prairie Chicken
Day 12: Postman Gnome

If you can complete this stamp collection by earning each of these 12 prizes, you'll receive a 13th prize for free: the Zorse (that's a zebra mixed with a horse). This collection will only be available for a limited time, so while you might have more than 12 days to actually win these prizes, they definitely aren't permanent. Good luck collecting them all!

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