Yet another Zynga exec splits: OMGPOP's former chief revenue officer

Draw Something screens
Draw Something screens

Amid a heated legal battle and player base declines across some of its top games, Zynga has reportedly lost yet another high-level employee. VentureBeat reports that former OMGPOP chief revenue officer Wilson Kriegel has left Zynga. Kriegel was employed by the company that produced mobile darling Draw Something before Zynga gobbled it up for a cool $180 million plus.

According to VentureBeat, Kriegel was tasked with turning Draw Something into a "mobile juggernaut," but we all know how that turned out. On top of that, the CRO focused on ad revenue, mobile game distribution and monetization partnerships for Zynga Mobile, VentureBeat reports.

Kriegel joins the drove of executives that have left Zynga in the past few months, including much of the company's executive board, after a less-than-savory earnings report. All we can ask now is just what will stymie the exodus? We have reached out to Zynga for comment.

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