What Is Ford's Long-Term Potential?

By many appearances, Fordis a strong company with a great future ahead of it, but recent stock performances haven't shown enormous growth potential.

Despite recent successes, challenges in Europe and elsewhere mean that Ford shareholders won't get more than a slow, steady return. That is to say, investors must be prepared to hold the stock for at least five to 10 years to consider Ford an investment -- and growth investors need not apply.

Analyst Joe Magyer weighs in with similar thoughts about General Motors, struggling in the short term but quite promising in the long term. When the U.S. market eventually rebounds, it won't take much to finally send these stocks soaring.

It's undeniable that Ford has performed incredibly well over the past few years, but it's also true that the stock seems stuck in neutral. Does this create an incredible buying opportunity, or are there hidden risks with the stock that investors need to know about? To get to the bottom of that question, one of our top equity analysts has compiled a premium research report with in-depth analysis on whether Ford is a buy right now, and why. Simply click here to get instant access to this premium report.

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