FarmVille Haunted Hollow Monster Lab: Everything you need to know

When you first arrive in FarmVille's Haunted Hollow, either through paid or free access, you'll notice a large, incomplete structure on your new farmland. This is the Monster Lab, and you'll need to collect a few building materials to finish it off. Once you've finished the Monster Lab, this building will allow you to create your own monsters!

To finish the Monster Lab, you'll need to collect 10 each of Thunder Clouds, Rusty Posts and Rusty Gears. After that, you'll need to start collecting Serums to create monsters, just as you would collect strands of DNA to create Dinosaurs in the Dino Lab (as one example). You can earn Serum by collecting from the Monster Lab, by purchasing it with Farm Cash, or by simply claiming some from your friends' news feed posts as they too work on their own Monster Labs. Once you finish the Lab, you'll receive a Blue Monster Serum for free.

Since the Monster Lab is technically a storage structure, the kinds of Serum that you'll collect will vary depending on the kinds of monsters you have stored inside. Obviously, the larger the monster variety, the larger variety of Serum you could potentially collect.

The first recipe you'll be able to create uses four Blue Monster Serum, and it will allow you to receive a Chickenpire (Chicken + Vampire). The second recipe requires five Blue Monster Serum, and so on. Additional monsters will require more (and different kinds of) Monster Serum, until you've eventually revealed all four pages of Monsters that are currently available.

Any animals that you create will go into your inventory and can then be stored inside the Monster Lab. It can hold 20 animals, with no current options to expand, but that could very well change in the future. Stay tuned for more on the Haunted Hollow expansion in FarmVille!

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What do you think of the Monster Lab animal creator in Haunted Hollow? Which animal(s) have you created thus far? Sound off in the comments!