FarmVille: Is a true Christmas farm just over the horizon?

While many FarmVille farmers have treated Winter Wonderland as their very own Christmas farm (myself included), it looks like Zynga could be creating a farm that's specifically designed around Christmas, and not just winter. Players that have paid for early access to Haunted Hollow can see a potential hint of things to come by zooming their farm view out and looking in between the hills on the outskirts of their farm. There, you'll see a tiny village, filled with snowy trees and buildings, with a tall Christmas tree (complete with lights) standing in the center of what's presumably a town square.

This begs the obvious question: is Zynga already working on yet another farm expansion, and will this expansion be a "Christmas Town?" If the answer is yes, then that also leaves us to wonder: will dedicated farmers, who have collected hundreds of holiday-themed goodies over the years, be willing to go through the storage transfer process to move these Christmas goodies to another new farm?

Even if this new farm does embrace Christmas more than Winter Wonderland (which was already full of Christmas content), it's likely that a storage transfer license won't be released for coins for weeks or even months after the farm has launched (since licenses are typically released at the end of an expansion's initial life cycle). This will, in turn, likely severely limit farmers' desire to go through the transfer process all over again, if they have to wait until Christmas has long since past to even begin.

While there's no guarantee that another farm is truly over the horizon in FarmVille, the possibility for a new farm shouldn't come as a surprise. It is a bit surprising, however, that Zynga might be duplicating on the Christmas theme. How successful would another Christmas farm be? Only time will tell for sure.

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Would you be excited to see another winter/Christmas themed farm release in FarmVille, or is Winter Wonderland enough for you? Would you go through the process of transferring all of your Christmas-related items to this new farm if it has more to do with the actual Christmas holiday than Winter Wonderland did? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!