Employers More Likely To Hire Criminal Than Long-Term Unemployed [Infographic]

criminal hiring long-term unemployed

Employers have been open about their disdain for the unemployed -- some companies even specify in ads that they will only consider candidates who already have jobs. But according to a new survey, companies would sooner hire a worker convicted of a misdemeanor than the long-term unemployed.

Bullhorn, a maker of recruiting software, conducted an anonymous survey of 1,500 recruiters and hiring managers, and the recruiters admitted that it was easier for them to "place someone with a criminal record (non-felony) in a new job than it is to place someone who has been unemployed for two years or more."Roughly 1 in 3 said that being employed more than six months or a year can make it hard to get hired. And 17 percent of the respondents said that being unemployed for even less than six months would still make it "difficult to place someone in a job."

But as much as employers look down on the unemployed, they apparently dislike job hoppers even more, according to this survey. Thirty-nine respondents said that the "single biggest obstacle" to employment is having a history of ditching companies before one year of service; 31 percent viewed long-term unemployment as the biggest obstacle.

Want to know more of what recruiters are thinking? Read the infographic below.

long-term unemployed job hopping

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