ChefVille Cheats and Tips Guide

ChefVille Cheats
ChefVille is Zynga's popular game that combines restaurant management, cooking and your Facebook friends into one addictive package. There is a ton to know about ChefVille. so whether you're an ChefVille know-it-all or you're just getting started, you'll learn all kinds of cheats, tricks, and more from our ChefVille Cheats & Tips Guide. We're constantly updating this guide with new cheats and tips, so stay tuned!

Cheese Cellar Cheese Cellar Catering Orders Catering Orders
Sushi Master Station Sushi Master Station Healthy Eating Station Healthy Eating Station
Omelette Station Omelette Station Meat Locker Meat Locker
Catering FAQs Catering FAQs
Play CityVille 2 for free ingredients Play CityVille 2 for free ingredients Third Mixer Third Mixer
chefville remove flooring get more ingredients cheats Remove flooring to spawn more ingredients earn salt and pepper ingredients by visiting friends Visit friends to earn more ingredients
trap waiter in chefville for faster service cheats Trap your waiter for faster service chefville second mixer build cheats Building a second mixer
chefville earn ingredients by eating dishes cheats Earn ingredients by eating dishes chefville use spices to cook faster Use spices to speed up cooking
ChefVille Make It Possible Quests Make It Possible Quests ChefVille Poultry Butcher Upgrade Poultry Butcher Upgrade
Meat Grinder Quests Meat Grinder Quests ChefVille Mom 'n Pop Shop Upgrade Mom 'n Pop Shop Upgrade

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