Ask a Fool: To Invest in Apple, Should I Make the Jump or Wait for a Slump?

Worldwide Invest Better Day 9/25/2012

In the spirit of better investing and in celebration of the first Worldwide Invest Better Day coming up on Sept. 25, Motley Fool analysts will be answering user- and reader-submitted questions leading up to the big event. "Ask a Fool" anything, and we'll do our best to help you invest better.

These days, it seems there's one company that simply can't lose. Especially after its huge iPhone 5 win, many investors are looking to get on board the Appletrain. Senior Technology Analyst Eric Bleeker tackles the question of whether investors should buy now, despite record-high share prices, or hold off in hopes of a better deal, perhaps once "Apple mania" has calmed down a bit.

The problem with waiting for a pullback in this stock is that, as history has shown, it often doesn't happen. What savvy investors must ask themselves is whether the stock is still fundamentally undervalued -- and Eric believes the answer is yes.

Watch the following short video to learn why.

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