The Ville Avatar Outfits: Everything you need to know

While there are dozens of different clothing and accessory items available to choose from in the Ville's clothing marketplace, sometimes it's nice to not have to think about color and pattern coordination and just pick an outfit with a single click. In comes the Ville's new "Outfits" feature that will allow you to do just that. While there are outfits available to choose from for both male and female avatars, it's definitely worth noting that these outfits are made of items you may already own, or individual clothing items that are already available to purchase in the store. This is more of a bundle deal, if you simply like the look of an outfit and don't wish to purchase its parts (including clothing, tattoos and accessories) separately. With that warning out of the way, let's take a look at the game's (fairly expensive) outfits!

Female Avatars

Ville Fan Girl - 3 Ville Cash
Hipster Sport - 5 Ville Cash
Pretty in Pink - 5 Ville Cash
Bohemian Beauty - 7 Ville Cash
Nautical Darling - 7 Ville Cash
Modern Edge - 9 Ville Cash
Sophisticated Sally - 11 Ville Cash
Little Black Number - 14 Ville Cash
Swan Princess - 14 Ville Cash

Male Avatars

Metro Mike - 4 Ville Cash
Bobby Basic - 5 Ville Cash
George Got Game - 8 Ville Cash
Utility Jack - 17 Ville Cash

It's no surprise that there are fewer male Outfits to choose from than female Outfits, as males have traditionally received less clothing items in every Ville update anyway. Hopefully, if this Outfits feature grows to include more original clothing items, males won't be left so out in the cold at that point. Stay tuned for more!

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What do you think of these Outfits? Were you expecting completely new clothing items, or are you ok with these bundles of items, some of which you may already own? Sound off in the comments!

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