Ixia to Showcase End-to-End Solutions That Validate Functionality and Interoperability of Critical C

Ixia to Showcase End-to-End Solutions That Validate Functionality and Interoperability of Critical Carrier Ethernet Technologies

As a leader in Carrier Ethernet testing, Ixia will lead network technology demonstrations during Carrier Ethernet World Congress in Barcelona

CALABASAS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Ixia (NAS: XXIA) , a leading, global provider of converged network testing solutions, today announced upcoming network technology demonstrations during the Carrier Ethernet World Congress (CEWC), the largest conference and exhibition for the Ethernet networking and services industry. During the CEWC Public Multi-Vendor Interoperability Event, held in Barcelona from September 17 through 20, Ixia will validate critical functionality and multi-vendor interoperability of the very latest Carrier Ethernet technologies. A comprehensive report and analysis of the demonstrations will be available.

Industry Commentary

"This year's testing includes significant coverage of Carrier Ethernet 2.0 technologies including Service OAM and Performance monitoring as well as heavy focus on clock synchronization technologies," said Carsten Rossenhövel, managing director at EANTC. "These technologies enable carriers to reduce cost and increase quality in their Carrier Ethernet networks, and migrate away from TDM for mobile backhaul. Ixia's comprehensive solutions and support have been instrumental in the success of our test by providing protocol emulation, clock quality measurement, WAN emulation, and traffic generation."

"Ixia, as a leader in Carrier Ethernet testing technologies, has been a principal player in each public showcase run by European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC) as well as several private tests with network equipment vendors and service providers," said Michael Haugh, senior manager, market development at Ixia. "During CEWC 2012 we will continue this significant leadership role by publically validating critical functionality and multi-vendor interoperability, using our full line of solutions from IxNetwork to the Anue 3500, for many of the latest technologies—from Microwave MPLS-TP QoS support to Clock Synchronization for PTP and SyncE."

Ixia Technology Demonstrations During CEWC

Ixia will validate the following functionality and interoperability scenarios during CEWC 2012: Service Activation, using the ITU-T Y.1564 Service Activation Measurement standard. Ixia's IxNetwork Y.1564 QuickTest will generate the traffic service types and verify the corresponding measurements to confirm that service level agreements (SLA) are met for Committed Information Rate (CIR), Excess Information Rate (EIR), Committed Burst Size (CBS), and Excess Burst Size (EBS). The Ixia ImpairNet WAN emulation module will simulate the WAN delay.

Hierarchical Service OAM, as defined in MEF 30 using ITU-T Y.1731. Ixia's Y.1731 emulation in IxNetwork will emulate multiple levels of Maintenance Points (both MIPs and MEPs), generating and terminating Continuity Check Messages (CCMs), as well as ETH-AIS, ETH-LCK, and ETH-TST to validate the hierarchical operation of the Service OAM.

Performance Monitoring, using ITU-T Y.1731 and updated in G.8013/Y.1731 (2011). Ixia's Y.1731 emulation in IxNetwork will generate and terminate Delay Measurement Messages (DMM) to measure delay and Loss Measurement Messages (LMM) to measure loss, performing both periodic and on-demand performance measurements. Ixia's ImpairNet and Anue Hawaii WAN emulators will configure delay and asymmetric loss in to ensure that the vendor products are correctly measuring the configured performance metrics using Y.1731.

MPLS-TP, testing Microwave MPLS-TP QoS Support. Ixia's MPLS-TP emulation in IxNetwork will establish sessions with the vendor devices and generate two classes of bidirectional traffic, high-priority, and best-effort using the MPLS-TP EXP bits. The purpose is to demonstrate that the Microwave solutions could prioritize high priority traffic when the microwave capacity is reduced.

Clock Synchronization using:

  • IEEE1588v2 (PTP), testing transparent clock. Ixia's Anue 3500 will compare the correction filed values inserted by the transparent clock against the actual latency introduced. The maximum time interval error (MTIE) measurement will be used to validate against the G.823 SEC mask. The IxNetwork PTP emulation along with the ImpairNet WAN emulator will be used in the best master selection tests.

  • SyncE (ESMC), using ITU-T G.781 clock source quality levels. Ixia's Anue 3500 will verify measurements against the G.8262 EEC Option 1 short-term transient mask and also test SyncE over Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP).

    • PTP and SyncE Hybrid Mode, testing PTP for phase and time-of-day while using SyncE for frequency. Ixia's Anue 3500 will introduce packet delay variations while concurrently measuring the G.8262 EEC Option 1 mask as well as the 1 PPS signal for phase.

About Ixia

Ixia provides the industry's most comprehensive converged IP network validation and network visibility solutions. Equipment manufacturers, service providers, enterprises and government agencies use Ixia's solutions to design, verify and monitor a broad range of wired, Wi-Fi and 3G/LTE equipment and networks. Ixia's test solutions emulate realistic media-rich traffic and network conditions so that customers can optimize and validate the design, performance and security of their pre-deployment networks. Ixia's intelligent network visibility platforms provide clarity into physical and virtual production networks for improved performance, security, resiliency and application delivery of cloud, data center and service provider networks. For more information, visit www.ixiacom.com.

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Andrea Zack, 512-600-7140

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