FarmVille Mystery Game (09/16/12): FarmVille's going to the dogs!


Judging by the releases in FarmVille over the past few weeks, it'd be safe to say that FarmVille has gone to the dogs, with plenty of doghouses to build and dogs to earn for our farms. Our canine collections can grow even more this week, via the launch of a set of dog prizes in this week's Mystery Game. There are seven new dogs available to win in this week's game, with images and full details being discovered by FarmVille Freak. Here's a look at this week's prizes!

Boston Terrier
Brussels Griffon
Miniature Pinscher
Russian Toy
Silky Terrier
Toy Fox Terrier

This week's Mystery Game costs 20 Farm Cash per dart thrown at the board, but remember to look inside your Gift Box to see if you have any bonus Mystery Game Darts available to use for free. Also remember that if you're trying to earn one of each of these six dogs, and are successful in doing so, you'll receive a bonus dog in the form of an Italian Greyhound at no additional cost. While you may end up with duplicates of some of the above dogs in the process of going for the full set, at least these animals are relatively small and won't take up too much extra space on your farms. Good luck earning the dog(s) you want!

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What do you think of the dogs in this week's FarmVille Mystery Game? Did you play the game this week? Which dog(s) did you end up winning? Let us know in the comments!