FarmVille Miniature Items: Powderpuff Tree, Mini Gnome and more


Tonight's FarmVille update brings with it a set of items that are so cute and tiny that you might miss them at first glance. That's right, a set of "miniature" items has been released in the store in a theme of the same name. If you're into the more whimsical side of farming, you'll definitely want to check out these small, but neat items in the game's store. We're here with a look at what has been released this evening, so let's get started (Note: We've included a normal-sized foal in our preview image at right for scale)!


Powderpuff Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Goldenrain Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Mountain Stewartia Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Pagoda Dogwood Tree - 14 Farm Cash


Dwarf Caiman Lizard - 1.5 million coins or 10 Farm Cash
Mini Silkies Goat - 12 Farm Cash
Mini Pegacorn - 30 Farm Cash
Skunk Dolphin (Water Only) - 12 Farm Cash


Mini Farmhouse - 10 Farm Cash


Miniature Island (Water Only) - 3 Farm Cash
Miniature Haybale - 500 coins
Mini Gnome - 10 Farm Cash
Miniature Owl - 12 Farm Cash
Miniature Garden - 120,000 coins

Even though these items are small, their prizes are still fairly large, but it's nothing we haven't expected given the prices of items in every other theme in the game. You'll have two weeks to purchase these items, and if additional Miniature items launch in the game's store between now and then, you can be sure that we'll let you know.

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What do you think of this set of Miniature items in the game's store? Do you think the prices of these items should be smaller, to make the sizes of the items themselves? Sound off in the comments!