FarmVille Haunted Hollow Photo Contests: Everything you need to know


While the updated camera launched in FarmVille a few weeks ago, it never really served a purpose, other than sharing pictures with your friends. In the newly launched Haunted Hollow expansion, however, pictures are more important than ever, as you can earn Spook Points, the farm's new experience point system, by taking pictures in a weekly theme within Haunted Hollow.

To begin, the first theme required is "Spooky Farm." That's pretty simple, so you'll just need to take a picture of your Haunted Hollow farm and then enter it in the photo contest. This allows you to take a picture as normal, which you can then earn votes on by asking your friends for support. Once that's done, your entry into the weekly contest is concrete, but your own interaction with photos is just beginning.

Once you've asked for votes on your own picture, you can vote on other players' pictures by choosing which photo in a seemingly randomly generated pair is better. Since Haunted Hollow barely launched, many of the game's pictures will be the same, but this early preview gives us a good idea of what to expect once we're able to really get rolling. What's more, you'll earn Spook Points for voting, so this gives you a way to constantly level up in Haunted Hollow, even if you're waiting for your themed crops or trees to ripen.

Once you've left the Photo Contest menu, you can access it again at any time by clicking on the Spook Meter at the top of the screen. Good luck earning votes!

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