FarmVille 2 PSA: 50 Farm Bucks for $10 is no deal, but here's what it's worth

FarmVille 2 Farm Bucks
FarmVille 2 Farm Bucks

Zynga has promoted on the FarmVille 2 fan page that you can "get 50 Farm Bucks for only $10.00 USD!" as if it were a special deal or promotion. Unfortunately, it isn't. This is standard fare (as of this writing) for 50 Farm Bucks. So, if you see this in your Facebook News Feed or receive a similar message in an email, know that this isn't a deal.

But what you should know is what a cool 50 Farm Bucks (for $10 USD) can get you. So, here's a short list of things that you can buy with 50 Farm Bucks. Some are useful, others are just nice to look at, and a few are both:

  • Nubian Goat - 46 Farm Bucks (produces Milk and Cheese)

  • Five Lady Bugbrellas - 50 Farm Bucks (offers 150 XP)

  • Three Jungle Gyms - 45 Farm Bucks (offers 129 XP)

  • Water Trough - 45 Farm Bucks (increases Animal capacity by 5)

  • Five Milk Bottle 10-Packs - 50 Farm Bucks

  • Five Power 15-Packs - 50 Farm Bucks

  • Three Fertilizer 25-Packs - 45 Farm Bucks

  • Two Speed-Grow 25-Packs - 40 Farm Bucks

  • Two Unwither 25-Packs - 40 Farm Bucks

  • Two Water 30-Packs - 42 Farm Bucks

Does that make 50 Farm Bucks for $10 any more appealing? What do you think of FarmVille 2 so far? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.