FarmVille 2 Cheats & Tips: Add community neighbors for faster progress

While progress in FarmVille 2 is already boosted by the simple fact that it's available to play on, opening you up to a world of zFriends that can help you out, you can earn even more progress still by signing up to be a "Community Neighbor."

This feature has become fairly widespread across Zynga's catalog, and is even available in the original FarmVille. If it's new to you, however, we're here with a quick guide on how to sign yourself up as a Community Neighbor! In theory, all users should receive a pop-up, asking them if they want to participate, but if that doesn't happen, you'll need to scroll below the FarmVille 2 play area on Facebook and click on the "Settings" link. This makes the pop-up appear back in your game, where you can simply click on a checkbox to enable the Community Neighbors feature in your game.

What is a community neighbor? It's a friend that you can visit and help on your farm, without actually adding them as a Facebook friend. In this way, both you and your neighbor will hopefully earn more progress in your games, but you'll retain your Facebook profile privacy.

On the other hand, if you already joined this feature and wish to remove yourself, you can click on the same "Settings" link and unclick the checkbox to remove yourself from the pool of potential community neighbors. It may take a few days to actually remove your name from the eligible system, but eventually, your game will go back to being completely private, and you can continue to play with just your real world friends.

While this Community Neighbor feature will likely help players out in the long run, it's still not as helpful as actually playing on, but if you combine these forces, you should have no problem flying through the game's first few levels as you make your way to farm mastery!

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What do you think of the Community Neighbors feature in Zynga's many games? Do you always add yourself to the pool, or do you prefer to make progress the old fashioned way, by just playing with your real friends? Sound off in the comments!

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