CityVille Hot Air Balloon Repair Shop: Everything you need to know


If you've fallen in love with the Hot Air Balloon feature in CityVille, you might already be lacking enough helium to keep your balloons soaring high in the air. If you're willing to expand your city in a very specific way, you can now earn access to a fairly limitless amount of helium, via the Hot Air Balloon Repair Shop. We're here with a guide on reaching and building this new structure, thanks to Zynga.

This Repair Shop is available by expanding your city out to it, with this expansion being available to players that have reached at least Level 10. While the Hot Air Balloon Repair Shop may "spawn" in different squares for each player, it's normally within one or two expansion squares of your current city's limits. If you've already expanded to the whole board, however, it will simply appear in your inventory (though, you might have to refresh the page to make it appear). Either way, earning this Repair Shop is just one part of an associated goal.

Soaring on High!

  • Expand to the Hot Air Balloon Repair Shop

  • Collect 30 Helium from the Repair Shop

  • Build 4 Hot Air Balloons

First things first, the Hot Air Balloons can be built with your friends' help, and you can find our complete guide to building these balloons right here. Once you have an active Hot Air Balloon Repair Shop in your town (it requires friends as staff members to complete), you'll be able to treat this building like other businesses, supplying it with Goods and then collecting from it once those Goods are used. The catch here is that you'll also have a chance of receiving helium for your balloons when you collect from the business.

After you've completed the three tasks in the Soaring on High! goal, you'll be able to keep the Repair Shop and use it for as long as you'd like, but you'll also receive a bundle of 15 extra Helium, along with 100,000 coins for completing the goal itself. Good luck doing just that!

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What do you think of this Hot Air Balloon Repair Shop? Have you already fully expanded your city, or will you need to work on expanding to reach this building? Sound off in the comments!

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