Pioneer Trail Pen Pal Packages: Everything you need to know


About a month ago, players were introduced to the Pen Pal feature in Pioneer Trail, which allowed your virtual children to become pen pals with soldiers stationed at Fort Courage. Apparently, those letters still haven't helped morale, as your kid(s) now want to put together care packages for the soldiers to really lift their spirits. This of course comes via a new goal series, which introduced a new tree to the game along with new collections. Let's get started!

Pen Pal Package

  • Clear 3 Skulls

  • Gather 10 Packaging String

  • Place the Military Parcel Wagon

The Packaging String will drop at random when you harvest Flax on your Homestead. Meanwhile, the Parcel Wagon is a new building project that will require you to collect some building materials from friends or simply craft them on your own. You'll receive 500 XP, three Aloe Vera and a Raspberry Bush for completing this first goal.

Frontier Comfort

  • Harvest 30 Tomatoes

  • Ask friends for 8 Lantern Candles

  • Finish Phase 1 of the Parcel Wagon

Rewards: 1,000 XP, Jackrabbit, three Cashew Trees and a Mystery Crate

Pass the Time

  • Gather 6 Lucky Rabbit's Feet

  • Ask friends for 12 Baseballs

  • Finish Phase 2 of the Parcel Wagon

Lucky Rabbit's Feet drop when collecting from Jackrabbits. You'll earn 1,500 XP, 2,000 coins, a Captain Mary Pigeon and another Mystery Crate for finishing this goal.

Family Visit

  • Craft 4 Message Capsules

  • Ask friends for 15 Pigeon Care Pamphlets

  • Finish Phase 3 of the Parcel Wagon

A single Message Capsule is created using Green Yarn and Hollowed Tubes. The Tubes can be earned by asking friends to send them to you, but the Green Yard is a rare collectible that's found when tending adult Sheep on your Homestead. When you complete this fourth goal in the series of five, you'll receive 2,000 XP, a Lumber Tree Serum and three Shaggy Llamas.

Picture for Pa

  • Craft 6 Cherished Portraits

  • Gather 10 Dark Coffee Beans

  • Finish the Parcel Wagon

First things first, Dark Coffee Beans are earned at random when harvesting Coffee Trees. The Cherished Portraits, meanwhile, are a two-part crafting project, requiring you to first craft Loving Frames out of Photo Mattes (harvest Cherry Trees) and Cherrywood Stain (ask friends). From there, you'll use the Loving Frames along with Playful Pictures (ask friends) to crate a final Portrait. When you finish this final goal in the series, you'll receive 3,000 XP, 3,000 coins and a Fort Courage Honor Banner. This item has a daily bonus that will hopefully allow you to receive items for its collection.

There doesn't appear to be a time limit on completing these goals on your Homestead, but if history has taught us anything, it's that even more goals will be released in the coming days, so you might want to work on these as quickly as possible, just to get them out of the way. Good luck!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

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What do you think of this Pen Pal Packages feature? Do you think this is the last time we'll see references to "pen pals" in the game? Sound off in the comments!