Hidden Chronicles Flight of Garuda Part 1: Everything you need to know


Hidden Chronicles players are being introduced to a new character this week, as a woman named Marion Fisher has arrived on your Manor with a plea for help. She has come into possession of a supposedly ancient Burmese Statue of Garuda, a mythological King. Marion wants to know whether the item came to her legally, or if it was looted from Myanmar. You'll need to use your skills to see the past of the statue, and this comes by way of a multi-part quest series. As of right now, only Part 1 in this "Flight of Garuda" event is available. In addition, there are apparently seven stages to this first Part, but only quests 1-3 are currently available. Still, we're here with a guide to help you get started in this event, so let's go!

Flight of Garuda Part 1: 1 of 3

  • Place the Burmese Houseboat

  • Play 3 FastFind Games

  • Get 4 Plush Robes

The Plush Robes are earned by asking your friends to send them to you. While you're waiting for those to arrive, you can purchase the Houseboat for 1,500 coins. It will eventually earn you 420 Estate Points, but it needs to be built first. You'll receive 200 coins and 30 XP for finishing this first quest.

Flight of Garuda Part 1: 2 of 3

  • Get 6 Incense Sticks

  • Play 2 Scenes

  • Hide 3 Secret Packages

Flight of Garuda Part 1: 3 of 3

  • Complete the Burmese Houseboat

  • Get 5 Chopsticks

  • Find 2 Secret Packages

The Burmese Houseboat requires building materials to finish: 5 Boat Glass, 5 Boat Paint, 5 Boat Plastic, 5 Rudder Fins, and 5 Wood Beams. You'll earn these items through a combination of general news posts placed on your wall and individual requests sent out to your neighbors. When you finish this third quest, you'll receive 45 XP, 200 coins and will unlock the first scene in this series: the Yangon Hotel. Good luck finishing these first three quests!

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What do you think of the three quests available in this Flight of Garuda event? Does the event seem simple to complete thus far? Sound off in the comments!