FarmVille: Beat Jade Falls for a free shipping license

While farmers are still encouraged to play in all of their FarmVille expansions, most eventually run out of quests to complete and we're left to simply play with our own imaginations. Jade Falls, however, is going out with a big bang, as users are being encouraged to "beat" the farm by completing a series of Jade Falls-specific tasks with the promise of great prizes on the other end.

You can find your progress towards "beating" Jade Falls by clicking on a small logo on the left side of the screen. There, you'll see a list of four items that need to be completed before you can beat Jade Falls. You'll need to have completely upgraded both the Mountain Palace and Imperial Shipyard to Level 10, and will need to have a five star Tea Garden. Finally, you'll be required to master a slew of Jade Falls crops to Level 3, which might be incredibly time consuming for someone that has only casually played in Jade Falls until now.

When you complete all four of these steps, you'll win a trophy that allows you to show off that you beat this farm, and will receive the Jade Falls Shipping License, allowing you to transfer items from your other farms to Jade Falls and vice versa. Additionally, you'll receive prizes for completing the individual tasks above, as upgrading the Mountain Palace and Imperial Shipyard rewards you with 2,000 and 3,000 ZP each, respectively. Completing the crop mastery rewards you with a set of three Turbo Chargers, and finally, completing the upgrades on the Tea Garden earns you an instant grow potion. We wish you the best of luck in beating Jade Falls!

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