Chinese developer copies Row Sham Bow's Woodland Heroes [Report]

Woodland Heroes copycat screens
Woodland Heroes copycat screens

It's saddening to say, but it seems that Chinese game developers and product makers have struck yet again. Next in line for a good old cloning is Woodland Heroes the impressive and adorable turn-based strategy RPG from Orlando, Fla.-based Row Sham Bow, Kotaku reports. While the developer has not been named, the above comparison shot suggests that a Chinese developer has used art assets from Row Sham Bow's Woodland Heroes.

"We really have no leg to stand on to pursue them," an anonymous designer from Row Sham Bow told Kotaku. "Major bummer, yet sort of flattering?" Imitation is the sincerest form, they say. Kotaku guesses that the guilty Chinese game maker find out about Woodland Heroes after Row Sham Bow signed on with China-based Perfect World to create a new game, Knights of the Rose. But it seems this developer missed one important detail.

Woodland Heroes has been published by Zynga. And while Zynga may actually be headed to court with EA over the same practices that many frown upon, the FarmVille maker doesn't take too kindly to companies that try to beat it at its own game. Row Sham Bow seems to think that it has no way to make this problem go away, but Zynga might. And hey, so might Perfect World. We've reached out to Row Sham Bow for comment.

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