Wells Fargo Flip-Flops and Forecloses on Cindi Davis, Who Has Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Wells Fargo forecloses Cindi Davis
Wells Fargo forecloses Cindi Davis

Cindi Davis of Mount Holly, N.C., has been fighting breast cancer for four years. Now she has to fight Wells Fargo too.

The bank had been threatening to foreclose on Cindi and her husband, Kirk (both pictured above), after her mounting medical bills made it difficult for the couple to keep up with their monthly mortgage payments, AOL Real Estate previously reported.

Now, the bank is making good on its threat -- and it's also adding insult to injury.

Wells Fargo delivered papers to the Davises notifying them that it is foreclosing on their house and has set a date to auction off their home off on Dec. 19 -- six days before Christmas, KMOV-TV in St. Louis reported.

Just two weeks prior, the bank had assured the TV station that it was not foreclosing on Davis as she fought for her life against her illness.

"Our thoughts are with Mrs. Davis during her courageous battle with cancer," Wells Fargo said in a statement to KMOV. "It is important to note that her mortgage loan has not been foreclosed, nor has she been asked to leave her home. Wells Fargo works hard to help our customers maintain homeownership whenever possible and we view foreclosure as a last resort. As part of our continuing efforts to work with the Davis family, we have reached out to nonprofit organizations that might be able to offer assistance."

"I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be angry because Wells Fargo lied to us and said they wouldn't put us out, or sad that it's come to this, or afraid of where we're going," she told the TV station.

Cindi's husband, Kirk, recalled his wife calling him in a panic the day she received the foreclosure notice.

"She was hyperventilating, and she said, 'I have other news.' I said, 'What?' She could hardly talk to me," he said, adding that he's worried what the stress of foreclosure will do to Cindi's health.

Cindi may be brave for continuing to stand up to cancer and fight for her life, but she's not sure how much she has left in her.

"I don't know how long I can keep fighting like this, if I don't have anything to hold on to," she said.

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