The Ville Silly Soda Quests: Everything you need to know

If there's any character in Zynga's the Ville that can be considered "unique," it's definitely the artist named Sophie. This week we've learned that Sophie has always wanted to fly, and her path to flight will apparently start by building... a soda machine? Even if this doesn't make much sense, it does introduce us to a new building project and new set of quests to complete in our games, called simply: Silly Soda. We're here with a guide to finish off these Silly Soda quests fast, thanks to Zynga.

Sophie's Dream

  • Place the Silly Soda Machine

  • Check the Tapwater 3 Times

  • Get Inspired by Birds 3 Times

You can "get inspired by birds" by clicking on any tree and then the appropriate task. Meanwhile, you'll need to click on sinks click on "Check Tapwater" to finish that task. When you complete this first quest, you'll receive two XP and 50 coins.

Zach Brings the Heat

  • Build the Silly Soda Machine

  • Make 1 Firewater

  • Share a Firewater

The Silly Soda Machine requires building materials to complete:

  • 6 Knowledge

  • 8 Screwdrivers

  • 4 Hugs

  • 6 Joy

Once you've finished building the Silly Soda Machine, you can use it to craft items, like the Firewater required for this quest. You'll need two Knowledge, two Eggs and six Peppers to craft a single Firewater. Peppers take 12 hours to grow, and Firewaters themselves require 30 minutes of crafting time, so it would be smart to plan ahead and start planting and growing those Peppers before you actually need them. When you complete this quest, you'll earn 50 coins and 2 XP.

More Fizz!

  • Collect 4 Fizz Bubbles

  • Make 1 Fizz Pop

  • Share a Fizz Pop

Fizz Pop is another crafting recipe, but one that requires different ingredients (like Fizz Bubbles) to create. It takes 30 minutes to craft. Finishing this quest will give you 50 coins and two XP.

Jump Start

  • Practice Jumping 5 times

  • Watch TV with Friends 3 Times

  • Attempt Levitation 4 Times

Rewards: 50 coins and 2 XP

Made with Love

  • Collect 3 Peppermint

  • Make Passion Punch

  • Share a Passion Punch

Rewards: 50 coins and 2 XP

A Pinch of Everything

  • Take a Cold Shower

  • Make Keg-O-Swirl

  • Share a Keg-O-Swirl

Rewards: 50 coins and 2 XP

Drinking Party

  • Invite Over 5 Neighbors

  • Perform Karaoke

  • Group Chug a Keg-O-Swirl

Rewards: 50 coins and 2 XP

The Zachbeer Float

  • Make Zachbeer Float

  • Share a Zachbeer Float

  • Apply for 2 Patents

Rewards: 50 coins and 2 XP

Sophie's Flight

  • Show Off Flying 5 times

  • Have Stratomaster Deluxe

  • Play the Flying Song on the Stratomaster Deluxe 5 times

Rewards: 50 coins and 2 XP

A Flock of Friends

  • Serve Chocolate Honey Huckleberry Pie

  • Make Keg-O-Zachbeer

  • Have Mocktail Bar

The Mocktail Bar costs 2,675 coins in the game's store, and requires building after that, although it's not clear as to whether or not you'll need to have completed the building on the Mocktail Bar to actually earn the checkmark for this quest. Either way, you'll receive - you guessed it - another 50 coins and two XP for completing this final quest.

Luckily, there's no time limit associated with these quests, so you can work on them at your leisure. Just make sure to ask your friends for the ingredients necessary to craft these drinks as often as you can (and remember to plant some of your own) so that you can make steady progress even without the stress. Good luck!

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What do you think of this Silly Soda quest series in the Ville? Do you think you'll be able to finish it in a timely manner, or can you see yourself still working on these quests a month from now? Sound off in the comments!

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