The Ville Dirty Laundry Quests: Everything you need to know

It's a good thing that the Ville's clothing catalog is so large, as our virtual characters have had no way of washing their clothing, save for throwing them in the sink or bathtub (and let's face it - that's not fun). That all changes now, however, as washers and dryers have officially launched in the game's store! A set of quests have also been released to help introduce us to these major appliances, and we're here with a guide to finish them off, thanks to Zynga.

Consumer Review

  • Buy a Spin 'N Swirl Washer

  • Build the Spin 'N Swirl Washer

  • Search for 3 Laundry

The washer costs 3,200 coins to purchase in the game's store. You'll see other washers and dryers that are available for Ville Cash also available for purchase, but you can stick with the coin options for the time being. Finishing the Washer requires a slew of building materials, which can be purchased with Ville Cash, or earned through a combination of general news items and individual requests sent your neighbors. You'll need the following to build the washer:

  • 6 Pajamas

  • 6 Screwdrivers

  • 6 Detergents

  • 6 Soap

  • 6 Laundry

  • 6 Bleach

The Laundry itself can also be found by clicking on items around your house (sofas and chairs, as examples) and then clicking on "Search." You'll receive 100 coins and 5 XP for completing this first quest.

Neighborhood Wash

  • Buy Laundry Basket

  • Get 2 Detergent

  • Use Washer 1 Time

The Laundry Basket is available to purchase in the game's store, under the "Decorations" section of the Kitchen tab. It costs 1,200 coins. Meanwhile, you can use your newly built washer to earn that Detergent. When you finish this quest, you'll receive 75 coins and 2 XP.

A Blank Canvas

  • Complete the Character Sketch Job on a Portrait Easel

  • Wash Sophie's Painting

  • Ask friends for 5 Bleach

Rewards: 75 coins, 2 XP

Triple Batch

  • Buy and Build a Spin 'N Swirl Dryer

  • Make 2 Cookie Dough

  • Toss Dough in Dryer

The matching Spin 'N Swirl Dryer costs 2,800 coins, making it cheaper than the washer, but still definitely not a bargain. It must also be built from the ground up, and you'll earn 100 coins and 5 XP when you complete this quest.

Surprise Inspection

  • Add a New Room to your House

  • Use Your Washer and Dryer 2 Times

  • Tell Alexis What You Think of Them

You'll earn another 100 coins and 2 XP for completing this quest. For the record, there still isn't a specific "Laundry Room" available in the game's store, but there are many other room options available for purchase.

So Fresh, So Clean

  • Flirt with 4 Neighbors

  • Find Your Mojo 3 Times

  • Wash Jake's Outfit in the Washer

Finding Your Mojo is completed by simply clicking on another character and choosing the appropriate option (the same goes for flirting). You'll earn 75 coins and two XP when you finish this quest.

A New Approach

  • Give Ethan a Pep Talk

  • Get a Flapjack Ironing Board

  • Iron Ethan's Clothes Twice

The Flapjack Ironing Board is another decoration that can be purchased from the Kitchen section of the store. It costs 1,520 coins to purchase, but doesn't require any building after that. Finishing this quest gives you 75 coins and two XP.

Stain-Fighting Action!

  • Collect 5 Dirty Clothes

  • Make Cherry Lemonade

  • Use the Washer and Dryer 3 Times

You'll be able to find the Dirty Clothes by visiting your friends' homes and clicking on their items to do a "Dirty Clothes Search." When you complete this quest, you'll earn 100 coins and 2 XP.

The Final Review

  • Empty the Laundry Basket

  • Use the Washer and Dryer 4 times

  • Iron Clothes 3 Times

Rewards: 400 coins, 5 XP

Luckily, there's no time limit on finishing these quests as of this writing, so feel free to take your time purchasing and building this washer and dryer until you're really prepared for the slew of work that goes along with them. Just remember, if you don't have these items in your game yet, you'll need to be at least Level 10 to receive these quests, so hop to it!

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What do you think of this introduction of washer and dryers into the Ville? Sound off in the comments!

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