The Hunger Games Adventures weighs the odds on iPad for free

The Hunger Games Adventures iPad screens
Katniss and Peeta fans, the odds are officially in your favor. Now that we're fresh out of The Hunger Games puns, we'll get to the news that developer Funtactix and Lionsgate Films have release branded Facebook game The Hunger Games Adventures on iPad for free. Available now, this version of the social role-playing game adds touch controls and a few new features of note.

"Bringing The Hunger Games Adventures to the iPad allows a new group of fans to experience what millions have played on Facebook," Funtactix CEO Sam Glassenberg said in a release. "Using the iPad's touch screen creates a more intimate and accessible experience for fans as they journey through the deep, authentic world on a quest to become the next hero of Panem."
The Hunger Games Adventures iPad screens
What's new exactly? Funtactix promises that The Hunger Games Adventures for iPad will have all new, never-before-seen stories for players to enjoy as well as the option for players to interact with the recently-debuted map of Panem with your touch. It will also have items exclusive to iPad players.

This still leaves the question, "Why iPad-only?" Unfortunately, there's little answer to that at the moment, which is somewhat frustrating considering the proliferation of iPhone and iPod Touch compared with Apple's tablet. Not to mention we've seen plenty of social simulators and RPGs work just fine on smaller screen sizes. Nevertheless, you better have an iPad 2 or a new iPad if you want to embark on The Hunger Games Adventures here.

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