SimCity Social Medieval Mayhem Quests: Everything you need to know

The timed quests feature in SimCity Social continues to expand, as the game has take a trip back to the Medieval times of castles and dragons via a quest series called Medieval Mayhem. These quests will only be available for around a week, as of this writing, but we're here with a guide to finishing them off, straight from the game's official Playfish Forums.

Blue Blooded Browns

  • Collect from 3 Factories

Rewards: 250 coins, 2 XP, Fairytale Castle

A Courtly Connection

  • Start the Fairytale Castle

  • Collect Hayseed

  • Collect 5 BBQs

The first stage of the Fairytale Castle requires a Souvenir, one Architectural Pizzazz, a Community and a Plow. These items are earned by asking your friends to send them to you, and this first stage gives you the Dungeons of the Fairytale Castle. You can think of this one as another feature similar to the UFO or Stadium builds, in that they have multiple levels to complete before the construction is finished.

King Dom and the Outlaws

  • Build 5 Walls

  • Build 2 Gargoyles

  • Stop 3 Crimes

The Walls and Gargoyles can be purchased from the game's store. Each piece of City Wall costs 750 coins, while Gargoyle statues cost 7,500 coins each.

Inn on the Ground Floor

  • Reach Phase 1 of the Fairytale Castle

  • Start 5 Farm Crops

  • Build the Inn

The Inn is a new building that's available to purchase from the game's market. It costs 6,000 coins.

Chain Mail Chase

  • Collect from the Inn 1 Time

  • Practice Jousting with Chase 3 Times

Brad Goes for the Gold

  • Build an Alchemist

  • Use Police Badges

  • Use Safety Rewards

The Alchemist is also available in the game's shop at a price of 45,000 coins. Remember that you can transform Materials into Coins if you're low on coins.

Brad's Bottled Battle Plan

  • Combine Cola & Cream Soda 3 Times

  • Combine Mocha & Macchiato 3 Times

  • Find an Iron Cauldron

Remember, if you ever have trouble completing a quest in your own game, try visiting your friends (especially high population friends) to see if they have the items you need to interact with.

Sir Chase the Chubby

  • Upgrade the Inn to 1-Star

  • Collect 3 Studs

  • Whisper to Horses 1 Time

Abe... With Bells On!

  • Reach Phase 2 of the Fairytale Castle

  • Upgrade the Alchemist to 1-Star

  • Earn 3,000 Simoleons from a 1-Star Alchemist

My Way or Ye Highway

  • Produce 2,000 Materials at the Mill

  • Earn 2,000 Simoleons at the Inn

  • Check in on Brad & Chase

Which Way to Champ Camp?

  • Call for a Champion

  • Search a Haunted Mansion

  • Attend Roleplaying ight

The Black Knight Rides

  • Joust with 3 Mayors

  • Show your Lordly Resolve 5 Times

  • Rescue the Princess

The Gauntlet is Thrown

  • Finish the Fairytale Castle

  • Defeat King Don

A Fairytale Ending

  • Upgrade the Comic Book Store to 3-Stars

  • Visit Don

  • Claim your Epic Reward at Don's Fairytale Castle

Finishing this entire quest series is definitely a time consuming process, and will require dozens of building materials and a lot of friends' help to actually complete. If you can finish the entire quest series before it expires, you'll receive a Dragon Hatchery Factory that produces 790 Materials every 11-12 hours. The Fairytale Castle itself will offer a +500 population boost to your town, so even if you can't earn the Dragon Hatchery, the Castle is worth finishing as it will add potentially thousands of new citizens to your town, especially if you surround it with homes. Good luck finishing all of these quests in time!

What do you think of the many quests in this Medieval Mayhem series? Do you think you'll have the time to finish them all before they expire? Sound off in the comments!

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