Is Nintendo overcome with Mario madness? CEO says 'categorically, no'

New Super Mario Bros U screens
New Super Mario Bros U screens

Think about this for a second: We've seen three major Super Mario Bros. games released in the past three years. When New Super Mario Bros. U hits Wii U this fall, we'll have seen four. That's an unprecedented amount of Koopas kicked and Goombas given what for. During an interview with Nintendo of America President and CEO Reggie Fils-Aime, GamesIndustry couldn't help but ask whether this is too much Mario in too short a time.

I would say categorically, no. And that's because our developers, starting with Mr. Miyamoto and going through the entire EAD development organization, they understand the power of our franchises, and they understand that the only reason these franchises have the power that they do is that they have to make sure that each subsequent edition is unique, different and offers something new. They know that if they don't do that, we'll kill the golden goose that lays the golden egg. So it's something they are highly cognizant of, and even the executives on the business side, we hold that IP very dearly to make sure that every edition in the series is foundationally sound.

While we didn't necessarily feel that the most recent New Super Mario Bros. 2 for 3DS offered enough of that uniqueness, at least it was what you've come to expect from a Mario game: Excellent platforming, challenging levels and lots of Koopas to kick. Are we seeing too much Mario like many believe we're seeing too much Angry Birds? That's for you to decided, but from the looks of it, there's plenty more Mario where the last three years came from.

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