FarmVille: Send a Student Horse, receive a Pencil Tree

Just a few weeks ago, FarmVille players were given the chance to give their friends a free gift via an AARP cross-promotion, and already we're being given a similar chance, albeit without any branding. This latest promotion deals with the back-to-school season, and gives players the chance to send their "most helpful neighbors" a Student Horse at a price of 5 Farm Cash per horse sent.

Again, this is a gifting situation, so you'd personally pay 5 Farm Cash per Student Horse, and would be allowed to choose the exact friend(s) that you'd like to receive the gift. Each time you access the promotion's window, a new set of six friends will be shown as options, so you can simply close the window and reopen it as many times you need until you find the single friend you're likely looking for.

As with similar past events, if you send at least one Student Horse to a friend, you'll receive a Pencil Tree for yourself as a prize. If you play your cards right, you can send a Student Horse to the same friend that sends one back to you, and you'll end up with both prizes for the relatively low price of 5 Farm Cash. This particular feature will likely only be available for a few days though, so you'll need to send these prizes fast before the expire.

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What do you think of this Student Horse / Pencil Tree feature in FarmVille? Will you purchase any Student Horses for your friends? Sound off in the comments!