FarmVille Sneak Peek: Haunted Hollow expansion farm coming soon!


The idea of a holiday themed farm definitely isn't foreign to FarmVille, as the game received a Christmas / Winter themed farm last fall called Winter Wonderland. While many players feel that that farm has since been abandoned, it looks like Zynga is once again gearing up for a holiday celebration in the game via the release of a brand new farm expansion called Haunted Hollow.

While official details concerning Haunted Hollow are still under wraps, the folks at FVNation have discovered the first set of pictures and details about the farm, which is obviously themed around Halloween. The farm will have a purple and orange color palette, and will see the reintroduction of some old decorations that we've seen released in years past. In addition, a series of at least 11 new crops will be available to plant, ranging from Franken Fruits and Jack O'Lanterns to Tombstones and Hollow Garlic.

Presumably, a new set of animals and trees will also be released in Haunted Hollow, and new quests will also likely be available to complete to introduce us to the farm. From the single overall screenshot FVNation has discovered (seen below), it doesn't appear as though Haunted Hollow has a large overall building project like Winter Wonderland's Polar Train Station (for instance), but we wouldn't be surprised if this does exist, and simply isn't visible in the image below.

Either way, we'll make sure to stay on top of things and will bring you all of the news you need to know about Haunted Hollow as soon as we learn more! Stay tuned!

What do you think of the idea of a Halloween farm in FarmVille? Is this one expansion that you'll willingly pay for (to access early) or will you wait for this one to be made available for free for everyone? Sound off in the comments!