FarmVille Dragon's Lair: Everything you need to know


If you've been a big fan of features like the Dino Lab or Unicorn Island in FarmVille, then you'll love the new Dragon's Lair, which allows you to raise and breed Dragons for display on your many farms! The Dragon's Lair can be built using building materials that can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you:

  • 20 Talismans

  • 20 Chisels

  • 20 Magic Boulders

Once finished, the Dragon's Lair can store 20 Dragons, but it can't be expanded. If you need storage for more Dragons, you'll simply need to build more Lairs (keeping in mind how large a single Lair is). When you look inside a Dragon's Lair, you'll be able to see the multi-colored Dragon Scales that can be earned when you harvest the Lair each day. You can also claim Dragon Scales from friends who have shared scales on their news feeds for you to collect.

Upon first completing a Dragon's Lair, you'll receive enough Scales to finish a dragon, and will be able to master dragons that are stored inside. In this comes a few major differences between bred dragons and purchased dragons (that is, those that might have been released in previous limited edition themes). If it's a dragon that has been created using Dragon Scales, each time it earns a mastery star, it will change in appearance, as seen below:

  • No Mastery Stars: Infant Dragon

  • 1 Mastery Star: Grows Larger

  • 2 Mastery Stars: Grows Wings

  • 3 Mastery Stars: Breathes Fire

Since Dragons are also magical beings, spells have been added to the feature that can help you master dragons even faster than you would normally. These spells can be purchased with Farm Cash, or you can simply ask your friends for some. Each spell you cast gives that particular dragon a +1 mastery boost on their total.

Again, you can't expand the Dragon's Lair as you continue to create and/or purchase dragons, so you might be left with an overabundance of dragons, that can either be sold or stored in additional Dragon's Lairs if you decide to build them. It's possible that additional dragon formulas will be added to the Dragon's Lair before all is said and done, so stay tuned for more on this complex feature!

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[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of the Dragon's Lair in FarmVille? What sorts of dragons have you already started creating? Sound off in the comments!