ChefVille Mom 'n Pop Shop Upgrade: Everything you need to know


While the Mom n' Pop Shop may be one of the first things a new player unlocks in ChefVille, that doesn't mean they'll quickly gather Sirloin and then never need it again. Instead, you'll need all the Sirloin Beef your inventory can handle, as tons of different dishes require it to prepare (and usually in large quantities). Thankfully, a new quest has been released in the game allowing us to upgrade the Mom 'n Pop Shop, boosting our Sirloin Beef productivity in the process.

Help Wanted!

  • Upgrade the Mom 'n Pop Shop

  • Gather 5 Times from the Upgraded Mom 'n Pop Shop

  • Serve 8 Steak Florentines from the Brick Oven

Unfortunately, many high level players have already completely mastered Steak Florentine, so this cooking will likely be looked at as a waste. Still, the upgrade to the shop definitely isn't, so you'll want to work on that as soon as you can. The upgrading process can only begin after you've collected any ready Sirloin from the shop, and after that point, you'll need to ask six friends to come work as staff within the building. This will give you a Level 2 Mom 'n Pop Shop that delivers two Beef at a time, instead of one.

The Mom 'n Pop Shop will also change in appearance so that you'll easily be able to tell which of your friends have upgraded and which have not, but whether or not we'll ever be lucky enough to receive two Sirloins instead of one when we visit them remains to be seen. For the record, you can still receive a single Sirloin at random, as though nothing had changed. Finally, when you complete this overall quest, you'll receive 10 coins, 1 XP and a Garlic for your troubles. Of course, the ability to claim two Sirloin instead of one is definitely what this is all about.

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Are you excited to see the Mom 'n Pop Shop upgraded in ChefVille? Which building or stall would you like to see upgraded next? Sound off in the comments!