Roberto Gonzalez Broche's 'Doomsday Bunker' Was Made of Stolen Trailers, Police Say

trailers doomsday bunker Roberto Broche
trailers doomsday bunker Roberto Broche

A Kissimmee, Fla., man has been arrested and charged with grand theft and criminal mischief after police uncovered a stolen food truck and trailer buried in his backyard. Authorities say he planned to use the vehicles as a "Doomsday bunker," reports Central Florida News 13.

trailers doomsday bunker Roberto Broche
trailers doomsday bunker Roberto Broche

Police also found two other stolen trailers on the property of Roberto Gonzalez Broche, 26. Police said that he told them that he didn't know when the world would end but that he was using the trailers to prepare for Armageddon.

Broche's neighbor, Betty Ryan, told television station WKMG in Orlando that she became suspicious when she saw Broche digging a hole in his backyard with a backhoe.

"I called the city because I was worried that he would flood my yard," Ryan said. "I thought he was digging a pool, and he goes: 'I'm digging a fish pond -- just a little fish pond.' "

Police were responding to a report of a trailer stolen from an auto store, Clay & Sons Tires, in Kissimmee, which led them to Broche's home. After they did a little more digging -- literally -- they discovered the three other trailers.

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The Orlando Sentinel reported that Broche planned to leave a trailer above ground and cut a hole in the bottom of it, through which he could enter the underground bunker.

Of course, he might not have thought that through very well.

"A trailer is not structurally sound," Craig Holland, Kissimmee's development-services director told the Sentinel. "I don't think it would have protected him from much."

"You can have your Doomsday bunker if you want," said Kissimmee police spokeswoman Stacie Miller. "You just can't make it out of stolen materials."

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