Nintendo Wii U launches in the U.S. on November 18 at $299 and $349

Nitnendo Wii U
Nitnendo Wii U

Nintendo has finally announced what everyone really cares about when it comes to its upcoming Wii U console: When will it get here, and how much will it cost? November 18 and $299.99 or $349.99.

The Basic Set will come with just that: the basics. It will have the white console inside along with one white GamePad, the sensor bar, AC adapters for each and an HDMI cable. This console has 8GB of on-board memory storage. The Deluxe Set, at a whopping $349.99, will come with all of the above but in black, a copy of Nintendo Land, 32GB of on-board memory storage and stands for both the GamePad and console.

Even at the base price, that's more expensive than the original Wii and without a game packed inside. Will the current crop of Wii owners bite? That's tough to say, especially considering a free game came inside the original Wii box (Wii Sports), along with a remote, all for $250. Furthermore, 8GB of on-board memory isn't much for a high-definition gaming console. To put that into perspective, that's half the memory that comes with a basic iPhone 5 for $199 on contract.

Die-hard Nintendo fans are likely going to chomp on that premium-priced jam, but we'll see whether the average consumer even bites on the Wii U Basic Box come Nov. 18. Stay tuned.

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