FarmVille Gem Mine: Everything you need to know

If you're having trouble earning enough Gems to finish the Gem Tower feature in FarmVille, you can now complete the limited edition Gem Mine feature that has shown up on the outskirts of your farm. This Gem Mine comes with multiple stages to complete, and you'll receive gem-themed prizes for completing each stage. You'll also apparently win gems for the Gem Tower itself, according to Zynga. We're here with a complete guide on how to finish each of these timed stages, so let's get started!

Stage 1: Get Permits

  • Collect 2 Permits

These Permits are earned by posting a general news item to your wall asking your friends to send them to you. When you complete this first stage, you'll receive a cute (but small) Gem Turtle.

Stage 2: Cart System

  • Get 7 Mining Carts

  • Get 7 Mining Tracks

  • Get 7 Track Switches

These items are earned via a combination of general news posts and individual requests, so it will take you longer to finish this stage than the first (not to mention the fact that you simply need more items to begin with). When you complete this stage (either with friends' help or by purchasing items with Farm Cash), you'll receive the Gem Cart Gnome.

Stage 3: Building Crew

  • Get 4 Friends to Join the Gem Mine Crew

Rewards: Cat's Eye Tree

Stage 4: Mining Helmets

  • Get 4 Mining Helmets

These Helmets are earned by either posting a general news item to your own feed, or by clicking on the news feed items of friends that are also working on this event. You'l receive a Miner Outfit, complete with helmet, for your avatar upon completion of this stage.

Stage 5: Flume

  • Get 9 Flume Panels

  • Get 9 Flume Posts

  • Get 9 Flume Filters

Rewards: Tiger's Eye Tree

Stage 6: Gemologists

  • Get 8 Friends to be Gemologists in the Gem Mine

Rewards: Quartz Rose Bloom

Stage 7: Mine Plans

  • Get 6 Sets of Mine Plans

These items are earned in the same way as the Helmets. You can either post an item on your own wall or can click on your friends' requests to gather these Mine Plans. You'll receive a Sapphire Stallion for completing this stage.

Stage 8: Gem Washer

  • Get 11 Wash Tubs

  • Get 11 Wash Solutions

  • Get 11 Gem Polish

Rewards: Polish Station

Stage 9: Gem Runners

  • Get 8 Friends to be Gem Runners

Rewards: Ruby Pegacorn

If you can complete this entire feature in time, you'l have received a set of nine prizes for your farm and your avatar, all for free. Sure, you'll need to put forth a lot of your own effort to actually finish the feature on time, but with a lot of teamwork, you and your friends should be able to finish this feature before time runs out. Good luck!

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What do you think of this Gem Mine feature in FarmVille? Do you routinely have time to finish all of these sorts of features, that take place on the right side of our farms? Sound off in the comments!