PopCap goes frog-wild in massive Zuma Blitz update: Kroakatoa Island

Zuma Blitz: Kroakatoa Island screens
Zuma Blitz: Kroakatoa Island screens

Seriously, this is a whole new Zuma. PopCap and EA have revealed the next generation of Zuma Blitz on Facebook, titled Zuma Blitz: Kroakatoa Island. What sounds like a mere expansion is actually a soup to nuts reinvention of the social marble shooter. To start, Zuma Blitz has a whole new look, from its art style to character design and even screen real estate in the Facebook canvas.

That's right, Zuma Blitz has finally embraced a widescreen orientation, which we imagine will look even better in full screen. While much of the play loop hasn't changed--choose power-ups, enter level and shoot away for the high score--PopCap has introduced considerable updates to the finer details. For instance, there are 110 new levels for players to shoot through and collect stars from. There are two new power-ups as well: the Color Nuke and the Wild Ball.


Players will be able to boost their frog's performance even further with an all-new food system, which seems to provide passive bonuses in contrast to the active, flashy power-ups. Another new feature that PopCap has teased the Shot Aimer, which sounds like an extension of the Speed Ball power-up. Perhaps the most striking change is what the developer calls unlockable "Spirit Animal Monuments" that look as if they transform your frog into new creatures to blast colored balls with.

That said, some things have not changed, like the ability to share gifts and free plays with friends, tracks their stats on leaderboards and compete in weekly tournaments. You'll get to experience everything PopCap has changed in Zuma Blitz: Kroakatoa Island on Facebook starting tomorrow, Sept. 13. Until then, commence the drooling over the screenshots.

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