Zynga's attack on Pokemon, Montopia, strikes iOS, Android worldwide


Almost every company has an answer to Pokemon, which is still a big deal over 10 years later, by the way. But none stack up quite as well. Zynga looks to change that with Montopia, its own monster collector and battle game for iOS and Android. Created by Zynga Japan and available for free, Montopia allows players to capture and strengthen various magical critters.

Like many Japanese-built monster collectors, players will get to take their monsters into battle and make their favorites stronger by fusing them with weaker ones. It's been a long time coming, having released in Japan this February, but U.S, UK and Zynga fans across the globe can finally have a crack at the social game giant's take on yet another high-profile game genre.

Montopia is said to include nearly 400 different monsters to collect at launch, and each fall into one of three types: Fire, Water and Wood. (Sound familiar at all?) However, this release seems to take more cues from the Japanese smartphone breed of monster games than the OG, Pokemon, what with the fusion and monsters hidden inside treasure chests.

What might be most interesting about this news is that this is the first Zynga Japan-made game to go global. In a way, you could look at this as Zynga's first move against the likes of DeNA and GREE, an attempt to beat them at their own game. Time to grab the popcorn?

Click here to download Montopia for free on iOS and here on Android Now >

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