Cafe World VIP Memberships: Everything you need to know

Last month, all Cafe World players were given a free trial period of the game's upcoming VIP Membership program. At the time, we only knew that this program would launch in full "soon," and that when it did, the trial period would end (taking its boosts along with it) for those that didn't wish to actually subscribe.

That time is now, as players can now sign up for the full membership for $14.99 a month. For that price, you'll receive 50 Cafe Cash a week (or 200 a month), will gain two additional stove slots, and will receive access to an exclusive subscriber-only section of the game's marketplace. There are additional bonuses that will apparently roll out over time, but any specific details about those are still under wraps.

If we look at this purely from a Cafe Cash standpoint, 200 Cafe Cash a month would cost someone well over the $14.99 subscription price, so if you routinely purchase Cash anyway, this is definitely an upgrade worth considering. On the other hand, if you like completing tasks on your own and don't regularly use or purchase Cafe Cash, the main incentive then comes down to the two additional stove slots, which should really be unlimited anyway.

Again, if you took advantage of the extra stove slot that was available during the VIP Membership trial period, but don't wish to subscribe in full, that slot will now be taken away, and a stove should automatically be placed back into your inventory. For everyone else, you can purchase or place another stove to help increase your productivity. Is $14.99 worth the price of subscription, when the game currently suffers from so many issues? You be the judge.

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Well, what do you think? Will you purchase access to the Cafe World VIP Membership program, or will you save your subscription money for other things (perhaps another game)? Sound off in the comments!