Before iPhone Announcement, Apple Store Is Down

Apple store
Apple store

By Sara Perez

And so it begins. In typical Apple (AAPL) fashion, the Apple Store has now gone down in advance of today's Apple press event (yes, "event," not "press conference") here in San Francisco. It's expected that Apple will today announce a new, larger-screened iPhone with LTE, which may or may not be called the "iPhone 5." Rumors and pundits have been going back and forth on whether or not Apple will continue to give iPhone models numbers, or will rather go the way of the iPad, simply calling the device "the new iPhone."

Also on the horizon, an update to Apple's mobile operating system iOS 6, which brings hundreds of new features, including an improved Siri, system-wide Facebook integration, specialized call response features that let you automatically answer inbound calls with canned or custom text messages, FaceTime over 3G, Passbook, and more. A new version of iTunes is also expected.

And who knows, maybe even Apple will surprise us today with one more thing: an iPad mini.

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