IHOP Tries Quaker Oats (and 4 More Clever, Cross-Brand Mash-Ups)

Pancakes and Oatmeal
Pancakes and Oatmeal

Attention pancake lovers -- who also love oatmeal: Have we got a breakfast for you. IHOP is teaming with Quaker Oats on an exclusive new line of hot cereals.

The union of the famous flapjack joint and the oatmeal-maker is just the latest in a series of high-profile brand mash-ups heading to restaurants, fast-food chains and retail stores -- from the oatmeal blends to a line of clothing and home goods by Target (TGT) and Neiman Marcus.

But not every partnership is a match made in heaven.

In order for these brand collaborations to be a hit with consumers, they need to seem like a natural fit to begin with --- particularly when it comes to food pairings, Bob Goldin, executive vice president of Technomic, a food-service consulting firm, tells DailyFinance.

Co-mingling brands must resonate with a common "target consumer group, while each adding something distinct to the equation," he says.

When the marriage works, "brands add credibility [to other brands] and lead to a sales boost."

Here's a look at some notable recent hook-ups.


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