Make the runway your own in Fashion Designer on Facebook

If you find yourself browsing in an attempt to find a new game to play, you might come across 50 Cubes' Fashion Designer, one of the four new third-party games that have been released on Facebook and are also available to play on Fashion Designer comes with an incredibly appropriate name, as the game places you in charge of a new fashion design studio and allows you to design outfits for every occasion using various template pieces that you can combine into something more grand.

The majority of your time spent in Fashion Designer will be spent actually designing outfits for quests. You may need to create a glamorous red carpet look for a virtual celebrity or create something more casual for a dinner out with friends, but regardless of the theme, you'll be able to customize your outfits using the fabric templates, colors, textures and accessories that you'll continue to unlock as you play. Many of these items can be purchased with the cash that you'll earn simply by playing, but others must be purchased with Fashion Credits, the game's premium currency. Luckily, you'll receive some items for free through cross-promotions with Cotton and other real-world brands, so you won't necessarily be stuck creating the same dress two times in a row.


Each time you create an outfit, you'll get to mix and match sleeves, tops, bottoms, belts and other items in terms of both design and color and can then add patterns to any individual portion of the dress, or the entire dress as you see fit, stretching or shrinking the patterns, changing their colors, rotating an image and so on. These complex design choices work well, as you can easily clone patterns and resize them with a simple click of a button. After you've finished a design, you'll unfortunately need to wait for the final outfit to be created on a mannequin, which encourages the use of more Fashion Credits to speed up gameplay.

There isn't much to do outside of creating outfits, save for viewing your own portfolio where you can view your recently designed creations. If you think you've created a truly spectacular outfit, you can save it in your in-game portfolio using Fashion Credits. In addition, you can vote on other players' creations, choosing from pairs of outfits based on the one you personally like more and the one you think the community as a whole prefers.

Unfortunately, there's not a lot of depth in Fashion Designer, outside of the actual dress creator, which does allow for plenty of time to be dedicated in tweaking every element of a dress. What's more, as you continue to play and level up in Fashion Designer, you'll unlock even more patterns and pieces for each outfit, making that particular feature more complex still. It's just unfortunate that dresses take so long to arrive and that the actual character models in the game are so downright ugly, as the game could have really used some extra gameplay features to keep the interest level high. Still, the fashion design works well, and since that's ultimately the name of the game, I suppose we really can't complain there. Plus, there's always the chance that more features will be added in the future, if and when the game grows to new heights. Just don't expect the game's inclusion on to add anything to the experience, as it plays just as well there as it does back on Facebook proper.

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