CastleVille Anything You Can Do Quests: Everything you need to know


Your CastleVille Kingdom has been home to the fairies Gelsey and Sylphie for some time now, and apparently, our fairy friends are becoming just a bit homesick. They've decided to bring the feeling of the Fairy Realm to your own land via three Fairy Games and a new quest series that will introduce you to them. We're here with a guide to finish off these "Anything You Can Do" quests straight from Zynga, so let's get started!

The Game Plan

  • Place the Fairy Games Tent

  • Craft and Place the Pinata Game

  • Craft 1 Bottle of Ink

The Pinata Game is the first of three games in this feature, and it's created using thread, feathers and honey. You'll likely already have these items on hand, or they can be easily gathered by tending sheep, peacocks and flowers, respectively. You'll receive 1,500 coins and 30 XP for completing this first quest.

A Big Bash

  • Craft a Pinata Game Ticket

  • Play the Pinata Game 2 Times

  • Whack a Practice Dummy 3 Times

The Pinata Game Tickets are crafted using items like berries, sugar and aquamarine, so you might need to take some time to grow crops or ask your friends for them before moving on. When you have a ticket, you can simply click on the "Play" button to earn vouchers. These vouchers work to fill a Spirit Bar, granting you rewards throughout this feature. You'll also receive a Hyper Craft, 1,500 coins and 30 XP for simply finishing this particular quest.

Pipe Down

  • Craft 1 Bubbly Grog

  • Craft 2 Flaxseed Oil

  • Tend 3 Flowers

Rewards: 1,000 coins, 20 XP

Putting Around

  • Craft and Place Fairy Golf

  • Have 2 Cotton Cloth

  • Visit 5 Neighbors

The Fairy Golf game is created using things like hammers and anvils, so you'll need to either craft these ingredients individually or ask your friends to send them to you. You'll receive 1,500 coins and 30 XP upon completing this quest.

Sub Par?

  • Play the Fairy Golf Game 2 Times

  • Craft 1 Steel Bar

  • Harvest 5 Cotton

Rewards: Gold Brick, 1,500 coins, 30 XP

Spill the Beans

  • Craft and Place Bean Bag Toss

  • Harvest 15 Magic Beans

  • Clear 2 Grass

The Bean Bag Toss is the final game of the trio, and it's created using bullseye pages, iron bars and more. You can earn these items with by crafting them yourself or asking your friends to send them to you. You'll receive a Big Energy Potion along with 1,750 coins and 35 XP for completing this quest.

A Hill of Beans

  • Play Bean Bag Toss 4 Times

  • Win 4 Animals from the Bean Bag Toss Game

  • Win 1 Nature Item from the Bean Bag Toss Game

You'll need to keep playing games to fill the Spirit Bar and win these prizes, but when you finally finish this lengthy quest series, you'll receive 1,750 coins and 35 XP. Good luck!

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What do you think of these three Fairy Games? Which of the three games is your favorite? Sound off in the comments!