Bubble Witch Saga maker seems A-OK with a bit of copycatting

Bubble Witch SagaUPDATE:King.com has provided the following statement regarding Zacconi comments to Gamasutra:

"There is a big difference between being inspired and just making a rip-off of another game. King.com takes great pride in the originality and innovativeness of our games. All of our games are created in-house by our great developers. We recognize that the inspiration for great games can come from a lot of sources, but there is a big difference between being inspired to create something new, different and better compared to just copying what is special about a game and pretending it's your own work. When companies blatantly copy most of the elements of one of our games to present a game with the same look and feel, they are stealing our creativity and calling it their own – that's bad for the game world because it rewards the copyists at the expense of the creators. A creator takes the risk that a game will be a success or a flop, a copyist ripping off a great game takes none of that risk but a lot of the benefit. We want other games developers to be clear, when companies 'cross the line' into blatantly copying our games and their original and unique IP, we will take action."

Everyone knows that copycatting (cloning, whatever) is nothing new to video games, but the industry-wide issue was exacerbated when social and mobile games hit their stride in recent years. Now, CEO of Bubble Witch Saga creator King.com Riccardo Zacconi makes it known that he doesn't have that much of a problem with fast followers on Facebook and mobile.

"I think that we've seen more and more copies or more and more games in the same genre, and now we're bringing what I would call 'color','" Zacconi told Gamasutra."I think the player who likes to play one game actually likes to play other versions of a similar game. So I think from that perspective it's a larger market, and it's very interesting."

Zacconi also said that "fresh ideas" and "constant innovation" are necessary in the entertainment. But, as Gamasutra points out, King.com's recent releases on Facebook aren't exactly new to gaming, but were new to the Facebook game fans. Based on the CEO's comments, he seems to be well aware that games like Bubble Witch Saga (and later Zynga's Bubble Safari) owe a great deal to the classics, such as Bust a Move by Taito. See? This whole copycatting thing goes way, way back.

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