A Custom-Built Mansion in Riverside, Calif. (House of the Day)

House of the Day custom built Riverside mansion
House of the Day custom built Riverside mansion

Ever had the need for a bank vault in your home? No? Oh, guess that's why this place isn't selling.

As it turns out, living in a completely customized house might be super cool for you, but not necessarily for anyone else.

This 14,500-square-foot "palatial" home sitting on 10 acres in Riverside, Calif., has a nightclub, a bank vault and a curved glass enclosure with a pool, waterfalls, boulders and a swim-up bar. According to Curbed, the home cost $8.5 million to plan and construct, but its odd features and design specifications haven't excited buyers. And it's now being listed at a staggeringly discounted $1.999 million.

Trying to find a little normalcy? Sorry, there's next to none in this five-bedroom, 11-bathroom home. Other uncommon details include "massive" handcrafted doors, marble flooring, "exotic Australian Lacewood cabinets" and other accents. There's also a gym, an elevator, a wine cellar and sweeping views of the surrounding landscape.

Thanks to Curbed for the heads up.

See the listing for more details.

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