Zynga Exodus 2012 marches on: Marketing and revenue head ditches

Zynga CMO Jeff Karp
Zynga CMO Jeff Karp

Two in one day? Now, that might be a first. Inside Social Games reports, citing a recent Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing, that Zynga Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer Jeff Karp has stepped down from the company. According to the SEC filing, Karp has already left the position, but will remain employed (meaning salary and benefits) by Zynga until Sept. 22.

There's no word whether Karp has another position lined up after his brief time--little over a year--with Zynga. The former CMO followed former COO John Schappert to Zynga, so perhaps Karp will go wherever Schappert might be headed post-Zynga. The social game giant provided the following statement on the executive's departure:

"Jeff Karp is leaving Zynga, and the groups in his organization have been realigned under appropriate existing divisions. Our marketing and revenue teams have always been industry leaders, and as we continue our transition toward mobile and multiplatform game creation and distribution, their continued execution will be key to our future success. We are grateful to Jeff for his contributions over the last year and wish him well in his future endeavors."

"Mobile and multiplatform game creation?" Could Zynga be headed (more so) in a new direction as a result of this monumental restructuring? We'll find out soon enough, that's for sure.

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