Snakes, Alligators and Other Exotic Animals Found Inside Brooklyn Apartment

Ever heard the phrase "you live in a zoo"? Renters in one New York City apartment apparently took that a little too literally.

On Friday, NYPD officers reportedly found 13 exotic animals -- including a tarantula, two alligators, two bearded dragons, five pythons and a boa constrictor -- living inside fish tanks in an apartment in a public housing complex in Brooklyn (pictured above).

Police were at the apartment to serve an unrelated search warrant when they discovered the creepy menagerie. Officials from Animal Care and Control were called to remove the animals, some of them potentially deadly. In New York City, it's illegal to house exotic animals inside public housing projects.

Those weren't the only intimidating animals in the apartment, neighbors said. The tenants of the apartment also had at least three large pit bulls, a neighbor told

"There's urine and feces in the hallway, and nine times out of 10, it was them," said downstairs neighbor, Klein Poe, of the dogs.

Poe, who has two young children, and other neighbors suspected that something was awry with the animal-owning tenants when they wouldn't allow maintenance workers into their apartment to fix leaky pipes.

"They didn't want to let them in," Poe told DNAinfo. "Now it all makes sense."

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