Galaxy Life maker next in line to spin the reel with Slots! on Facebook

Slots! on Facebook
Slots! on Facebook

Correction: We have often in the past dubbed slots-style games on Facebook and mobile a "trend'. No--they've officially entered "craze" territory. In a world where seemingly every social game maker has one, Digital Chocolate has launched its own casino social game in Slots! on Facebook. It's basically exactly as it sounds, but with a double coat of polish.

Slots! isn't terribly different from your standard slots game on Facebook, but brings a level of visual fidelity we haven't seen in slot machine-themed social games before. Players don't do much more than click the "spin" button, but the game responds with loads of flare effects and other visual stimuli.

Every once in a while, players are prompted to a mini game, which amounts to another luck-based activity of choosing the "right" items in succession. The power-up system in Slots! only increases the visual grandeur, but also hikes up the risk involved in each spin. At first glance, that's about what Slots! has to offer for social gamers, but Digital Chocolate is nevertheless excited.

"Casino gaming is an evolving opportunity," Digital Chocolate's Marc Metis said in a release. "Using our social gaming expertise, we have found a way to elevate the category to the next level."

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