PopCap gives away free games in effort to 'Stop Zombie Mouth'

stop zombie mouth free plants vs zombies
stop zombie mouth free plants vs zombies

In a (twisted) world where (hypothetical) zombies would be vying for their (hypothetical) civil rights, PopCap would easily be Enemy Number One.

The company made a game where the primary goal is to obliterate zombies using pea-pod shooters and other creative means, regularly releases videos that mock its one zombie employee, Zombie Office Temp Worker, and is now partnering with the American Dental Association in a campaign designed to "Stop Zombie Mouth." Someone should alert the TZRC.

But, since we're not living in some zombie-infected post-apocalyptic alternative reality, PopCap is still the good guy, made even good-er by this new, decidedly wholesome campaign that teaches kids how to keep their canines clean by way of Plants vs. Zombie-themed trading cards. The cards include some info on brushing... and a code for a free version of PvZ on Mac or PC. The cards can be found at participating ADA members (aka your dentist office) or you can view the same messaging and snag some coupons for yourself at stopzombiemouth.com.

The only lame thing about this campaign? The suggestion that these cards will be "a fun alternative to sugary treats on Halloween night." Uh. Free Plants vs Zombies is fantastic and all, but nothing, and I mean nothing, can replace the sweet, sweet taste of free Reese's and candy corn on All Hallows' Eve.