Pioneer Trail Fire Station: Everything you need to know


A wildfire is tearing apart the Homestead in Pioneer Trail, and it's up to you to stop it before your entire Homestead is swept away by the flames! How will you stop the blaze from spreading? With a Fire Station, of course, that is available to complete after you've reached at least Level 20 in the game. There are new goals and a collection to complete in this new feature, and we're here with a guide to complete these goals, straight from Zynga.

Smoke on the Horizon

  • Place the Fire Station

  • Clear 20 Debris

  • Tend 35 Adult Sheep

The 20 Debris can be either those that are growing on your own Homestead or your neighbors'. When you complete this first simple goal, you'll receive 250 XP, a Sour Cherry Tree and three Spring Waters.

Gettin' Hot in Here

  • Harvest 15 White Peach Trees

  • Save 2 Burnt Bunnies

  • Complete Phase 1 of the Fire Station

Rewards: 400 XP, 2 Star Apple Trees, 3 Crystal Waters

Water We Gonna Do

  • Harvest 25 Star Apple Trees

  • Save 3 Charred Chipmunks

  • Complete Phase 2 of the Fire Station

Star Apple Trees are available to send and receive via the game's free gifts page. Luckily, you also just received two for finishing the last goal, so you can get a head start on growing them while you wait for some to arrive from your friends. You'll earn 1,000 XP, two Fire Fruit Trees and a Gold Fire Bell when you complete this goal.

Beatin' the Heat

  • Harvest 15 Fire Fruit Trees

  • Harvest 40 Wheat

  • Upgrade the Fire Station 2 More Times

The Fire Fruit Trees are also available on the game's free gifts page. When you finally complete this final goal in the series, you'll receive 2,500 XP, two Raging Buffalo and a Fire Costume. Good luck completing these lengthy goals on your Homestead!

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What do you think of this Fire Station in Pioneer Trail? Do you think the concept of a Fire Station fits in with the "wildnerness" idea of Pioneer Trail? Sound off in the comments!