Maine's Million-Dollar Barn (House of the Day)

Maine barn home House of the Day
Maine barn home House of the Day

Once upon a time, barns were homes for horses, livestock and farming vehicles. These days, they're homes for millionaires. Yes, it is a strange world we live in.

Take, for example, this $1.09 million renovated barn in Isleboro, Maine. Built in 1872 -- when it did house horses instead of honchos -- it features high wooden beams and a refreshingly old-school country charm. You get airy, light-filled living spaces and idyllic outdoor decks, perfect for all-day al fresco dining. Views over West Penobscot Bay and surroundng fields and orchards certainly hike up those numbers, too. And then there's 10 acres of land for you to play with!

More than a million dollars for a barn? (If you thought that was steep, it was initially listed for $10.9 million -- by accident, allegedly.)

Thanks to our pals at Curbed for the tip.

Donald Pendleton of Sotheby's International has the listing.

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